PREVOLU is an NYC based media company and platform dedicated to the Bóricua and Diasporic identity and experience. Founded by Yessenia Ivette Lantigua,  PREVOLU is an independent platform made up of Puerto Rican contributors and artists based out of NYC, Florida, and Puerto Rico. 


We strive to provide a platform for Bóricua and Diasporican artists of all spectrums and identities while pushing out a variety of engaging content in order to build a local and digital community.


We’re also dedicated to the education and movement towards a Puerto Rico Libre. From Island natives to children of the diaspora, we are all BÓRICUAS UNIDOS fighting for our native home and land.


As a US colony, the Puerto Rican culture is the second largest Spanish speaking community in the

United States, yet continues to be misrepresented in music, media, and every day life. 

There is yet to be a multimedia platform that dedicates itself solely to the complex Bóricua identity. Made up of Puerto Rican Artists and Contributors, we understand the multi-layered complexities and beauty of our culture and the importance of keeping it alive. We strive to extend opportunities within community while providing a platform that continues to elevate the Puerto Rican voice.

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