MARCH 2021



Elliott Ray Lassi-Lugo

ELLIOTT RAY LASSI-LUGO is a genealogical historian, writer, and performance artist, he works through and with various collectives that focus on the exploration, learning, and sharing of Caribbean and African traditions and music through exhibitions and interactive community events that invite the public to participate in intimate cultural, and historical learning experiences. Lead and inspired by the pomp and circumstance of Broadway, the integrity of community, his relationship with traditional African religion, and a passion and love for history and people.

Elliott has been published and archived at the Schomburg Center, participated in university speaking events, and performed at El Museo del Barrio with the jam session style musical collective, The Boogie Down All-Stars (cofounded by Elliott) which encourages the group study of Caribbean music, dance, and music theory, that will (on occasion) perform and allow these new found musicians and performers to display and share their talents.

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