"faces of evolving composite self"

Sabian Marrero

"I did this piece early summer of 2019 around the impactful time in Puerto Rico and the globe, which had uprooted many feelings about my queer Puerto Rican identity, especially during our social-political uprising on the island. I felt socially isolated in Seattle, and in the US for that matter, while dealing with depression and this was a way for me to externalize what I was going through. This painting is a composite of multiple selves developed as my survival mechanisms throughout life I had to synthesize in order to stay rooted in my Self, my joy, my pain, my queerness."

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Sabian Marrero


caras del yo compuesto en evolución
faces of evolving composite self




4x4 painting, oil, acrylic, fine sharpie on recycled canvas

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Sabian Marrero