"Tastes like Watermelon and Pomegranate"

Aria Pagán Santiago / TXIII

Digital illustration of two women naked in erotic poses. Women are known to use products that smell like fruits or flowers and that upholds the image that they are sweet and taste like sweets. I choose to color them based on my favorite fruits, on the right Pomegranate and on the left Watermelon but these fruits have more meaning or purposes that dwell in the same world as eroticism. The pomegranate as a symbol has a meaning of beauty in Greek and Persian mythology and watermelon is considered to be a natural Viagra. Both being very healthy fruits just like erotism is healthy in life. 

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Aria Pagán Santiago / TXIII


Tastes like Watermelon and Pomegranate





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Aria Pagán Santiago / TXIII